A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

When Mrs. Koehn asked her sixth grade English class to write about something positive during these trying times, MaryBrooks Winchester immediately thought about the many healthcare workers who have emerged as heroes.
Actually, MaryBrooks had a very specific group of nurses in mind. Her class assignment is a touching tribute to the NICU nurses at Baptist's Women's Hospital who helped her get off to a healthy start. Like many preemie babies, MaryBrooks has stayed in touch with her caregivers over the years. She reminds us why nurses have such a special place in their patients' hearts. Now more than ever, we appreciate how healthcare professionals step up when it matters most. As for MaryBrooks, we're sure the NICU team is proud of the thoughtful young woman their baby has become. 

Feel Good Story by MaryBrooks Winchester
Home distance learning during the Coronavirus has been a huge change in the way we learn; however, with the guidance from our wonderful Hutchison teachers, we are having a blast and spreading kindness to others. Mrs. Koehn asked us to reflect on the positive and kind things that we are seeing around us in the midst of such despair. After discussing some acts of kindness that I have seen others do, I immediately started thinking about something kind that I could do to make a positive change in our community.

I have a special place in my heart for the NICU nurses at Baptist Women’s Hospital in Memphis because I spent many weeks there growing, since I started my life as a 2.10 lb baby. I know many doctors and nurses are working overtime as well as giving up time with their families to help during the COVID-19 outbreak. I decided that helping the hospital employees, by providing food, would spread kindness and hopefully, brighten their day. My first step was to call Jimmy Johns and order sandwich trays, but I also decided to ask if they would consider donating a tray of sandwiches, on top of my own personal donation, so we could feed even more hospital employees. The Jimmy John’s manager loved the idea and immediately said, “Yes!”

Next, I called my old NICU nurse Teresa Bentley and asked permission to drop off the sandwiches for them. Teresa loved hearing from me and was tickled at the thought of spreading kindness. Since Coronavirus is so contagious, and due to the hospital rules, we decided to have someone come outside and get the sandwich tray from me. Staying safe and healthy is a top priority for everyone. It is my hope that this small act of kindness will bring a little hope and happiness to others during this difficult time.

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