Middle School Girls Discover the Power of Poetry

We are pleased to announce that 38 of our middle school girls’ poems were chosen to be published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans.
“I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.” – Robert Frost
Our sixth-grade girls have been discovering the power of poetry. In Mrs. Koehn’s class, all girls were asked to write a poem either in rhyming couplets or free verse. She then submitted all 56 of the girls’ poems to the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. We are pleased to announce that 38 of our girls’ poems were chosen for the Anthology. The 2020 edition will be released in April.

Congratulations to the girls whose poems will appear in the Anthology:
  • Sarah Alexander
  • Scottie Arnold
  • Ellie Bailey
  • Anne Tyler Bartusch
  • Mary Bennett
  • Sims Burke
  • Anna Chiozza
  • Katie Clark
  • Coco Conrad
  • Lucy Dunavant
  • Ellie Gooch
  • Riley Hardin
  • Maddie Harriman
  • Haney Harris
  • Eloise Hayden
  • Kennon Humphreys
  • Lilly Hussey
  • Jane Keras
  • Eva Lackie
  • Lucy Lamb
  • Melinda Moses
  • Leila Murley
  • Maya Pentecost
  • Virginia Phillips
  • Wright Prather
  • Mattie Ra
  • Neely Raby
  • Ellie Rhea
  • Hannah Roark
  • Kali Ryan
  • Lily Simpson
  • Alia Sims
  • Mary Allen Wallace
  • Kate Weber
  • Janie Weeks
  • Elle Wilkinson
  • Sophie Wilson
  • Mary Brooks Winchester

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