Sharing Kindness in Lower School

At Hutchison, education goes far beyond the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. This year our fourth graders are exploring kindness and empathy as leaders and role models of our lower school.
Each year at Hutchison, our fourth graders design a leadership project together as a class. As the leaders of lower school, this is a chance for these girls to work together as a team on a specific initiative and to be role models for the younger girls. This year they decided to focus on promoting kindness and empathy within each lower school grade level.
You may have noticed the large "KIND" sign in our Dobbs building. It's covered with wisdom our girls shared about how a person can be kind to others. Where the "I" should be, there is a blank space. It is their hope that every girl chooses to be the "I" in kind. 
The faculty and staff at Hutchison want every girl to leave our school with the empathy and emotional intelligence needed to lead our communities to a brighter and kinder future. That's why empathy is an essential part of our curriculum.
And it's the reason joy fills our halls. 

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