• Lacrosse- White Team

    2020 - 2021
    Head Coach: Shelton Wittenberg

Team Schedule

Lacrosse- White Team


vs Lausanne

Playing Fields - Dobbs Field

7 V 7 WITT (White Jersey) vs Briarcrest (4th) Field #1


Rob (White Jersey) vs. ECS Field # 3


Witt (White Jersey) vs Rob (Black Jersey) Field #3


7 V 7 WITT (Black Jersey) vs BCS (4th) Field #3


7 V 7 Rob (White Jersey) vs SMS Turkeys (4th) Field #3


7 V 7 WITT (White Jersey) vs SMS Flock Field #1


7 V 7 Rob (White Jersey) vs BCS (4th) Field #1


vs St Mary's new start time.

Playing Fields - Dobbs Field

Away Away Game Start Time Adjusted to 4:45 due to possible inclement weather @ WC Johnson Park Warm-ups @ 4:00pm

WC Johnson Park

7 V 7 WITT (White Jersey) vs Briarcrest (4th) Field #3


7 V 7 Rob (White Jersey) vs Houston Field #1


7 V 7 Rob (White Jersey) vs SMS Flock Field #1


7 V 7 WITT (Black Jersey) vs SMS Turkey's Field #1


HOME Game vs Bartlett

Playing Fields - Dobbs Field

7 V 7 HOME Games (Schedule will be posted when sent by league)

Playing Fields - Dobbs Field

7 V 7 Away @ St. Mary's Joy Field (Times TBA)


Away Game @ St. Mary's


7 V 7 HOME Games (Schedule will be posted when sent by league)



Overall Statistics
W L T %
0 0 0 0



  • Bowie, Virginia '28

  • Budzak, Abigail '28

  • Chubb, Catherine '28

  • Clothier, Sophie '27

  • Coe, Emma '28

  • Coe, Katelyn '28

  • Craig, Emily '28

  • Dalal, Aurice '28

  • Dobbs, Lila '28

  • Evans, Caroline '28

  • Holmes, Vivian '28

  • Iskiwitz, Emma '28

  • Kamm, Abigail '28

  • Mavar, Margaret '28

  • Portnoy, Abigail '27

  • Sherman, Leia '28

  • Tashie, Olivia '28

  • Weber, Emily '28

  • Wiener, Morgan '28

Athletics News

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  • Friday, Aug. 9 White Lacrosse Game Start Time moved EARLIER

    Due to the weather we see coming our way, Collierville has asked us to move up the start time of the game so we can get this game played. 
    SO today, Friday, April 9

    4:00pm Warm-ups  
    4:45pm Game start time
    Black jersey (bring white)
    WC Johnson Park
    Turf #1
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    Game time change tonight 
    We have just been notified that one of the officials for tonight’s game is ill. Because of the league standards,  we’ve had to flip flop the games this evening .  So for tonight: 
    5:00pm: Warm ups on Dobbs field for the white team
    6:00pm: White team game start time vs SMS
    Players should wear white (bring their black jersey) and remember to have warm clothes for the sideline. 
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  • Immediate attention: Coach needs to know TODAY if daughter can NOT play this Saturday, April 10 in 7 v 7 games

    Good morning!

    Coach Wittenberg mentioned after practice this morning that a few of your daughters thought they couldn't be at our games this Saturday.  Coach hadn't had confirmation from any of you parents that your daughter would be missing but wanted me to check with you just incase.  Each 7 V 7 team has 8 or 9 girls on the team.  The coaches plan the Saturday rosters counting on the girls being at their games.  Please text Coach Wittenberg today, if your daughter is unable to attend her games this Saturday.  901-355-0487.  Thank you!
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  • Saturday, April 10 7 v 7 Schedule and teams are posted in the Downloads

    Hutchison Teams
    Hutch RobHutch Witt
    Abby Crane B.Virginia B.
    Emma C.Cate C.
    Aurice D.Katelyn C.
    Vivian Grace H.Lila D.
    Emma I.Caroline E.
    Leia S.Maggie M.
    Emily W.Olivia T.
    Morgan W.
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  • Week of April 5

    Tues. April 6   6:30AM Practice on Dobbs

    Thurs. April 8  7:30pm HOME Game vs St. Mary's on Dobbs

    Fri. April 9       5:30pm Away Game vs Collierville at WC Johnson Park Turf #1
                           (Johnson Park Dr. Collierville 38017)

    Sat. April 10    7v7 League   Game times and location TBA. 
                           (I will post as soon as I receive them from the league head)
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  • Wed. March 31 Game Canceled. We hope to reschedule.

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  • Week of March 28

    Mon. March 29   3:20pm                 Player check in with Coach Allen in Goodlett gym. 
                               4:00pm -5:30pm   Practice on North Field

    Tues. March 30   6:30AM-7:40AM   Practice on Dobbs Field

    Wed. March 31   6:30 PM                HOME Game vs Bartlett on Dobbs Field 
                               5:45 PM                Ready to warm-up on the North Field  
                                                            Wear white uniform- bring black. Dress warmly.
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  • 7 v 7 is canceled for today

    From the league head, “Does not look good for Lower School Lacrosse this morning! There is too much lighting in the area.  We will work on coming up with a make up day.”
    Have a good weekend, stay dry,
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  • The league head is watching the weather for tomorrows games.

    Hi All,

    I just received an email from the Saturday league head.  They will make the call by 7:00am to determine if the games are on or postponed.  Please keep an eye out in the morning for a notification informing you about the games.

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  • Practice today, Thursday, March 25 is ON! 3:30-5:00pm in Dunavant gym

    Dear Parents,

    It looks like the weather is not going to hold out for us to watch the game today, so practice will be normal scheduled time from 3:30-5. Pickup will be outside of the Goodlett Gym at 5 since we will be practicing inside today. We will find another game to watch together in the upcoming weeks.

    We look forward to seeing the girls at practice today!
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  • Saturday, March 27 Schedule and Teams posted in the Downloads

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  • Week of March 21

    Mon. March 22   3:20pm                 Player check in with Coach Allen in Goodlett gym. 
                               4:00pm -5:30pm   Practice on North Field

    Tues. March 23   6:30AM-7:40AM   Practice on Dobbs Field

    Thurs. March 25  3:30pm-5:00pm   Practice on the Lake field (Pick up at the Lake field) Reminder that the                                                                Saturday teams will be given each Thursday.

    Sat. March 26      Times TBA            7v7 Games (Info to be announced just as soon Coach Allen receives it                                                                 from the league)
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  • Small Side Saturday League Games

    Great first game!

    Reminder:  For your clarification, please take a look at the "Small-Sided Saturday Lacrosse League" download to the right.  You will see that the rules are modified for the small-sided play.

    Below are the team rosters for this Saturday, March 20.
    Virginia B.
    Cate C.
    Aurice D.
    Caroline E.
    Abby K.
    Leia S.
    Emily W.
    Olivia T.

    Abby Crane B.
    Emma C.
    Katelyn C.
    Lila D.
    Vivian Grace H.
    Emma I.
    Maggie M.
    Morgan W.
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  • Game details from your coaches

    Letter to Parents
    We have been having so much fun coaching your girls, and we are excited that games are starting up! We wanted to give a few notes about lacrosse games and what each girl should wear and bring to each game. 
    1. UNIFORMS:  We will always wear our white jerseys (as the HOME team)  when we are playing at Hutchison. When we play at other locations we will wear out black jerseys. It is important that each girl ALWAYS brings both uniforms to every game though in case we need to change into the other color. 
    2. PACKED BAG: Each girl needs to have all of the following items in her game bag.
      1. The other uniform jersey.
      2. Mouth guard (an extra if possible in case something happens to one)
      3. Lacrosse stick
      4. Eyewear
      5. Socks
      6. Cleats 
      7. Tennis shoes
      8. Large filled water bottle
      9. Personal items (extra contacts, hair bands, deodorant, hand warmers)
      10. Sunscreen
      11. Warm clothes for the night games as it can get chilly 
      12. A healthy snack if needed after warmups or at halftime
      13. Anything else she might need
      1. Each girl must wear a white or gray sports bra under her white uniform and a black sports bra under her black uniform.
      2. Each girl must also wear black spandex or black shorts under her uniform skirt.
      3. If your daughter wants to wear a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt under her jersey that is perfectly fine, but the shirt must be the same color as the jersey. 
    4. TIMING for GAME DAY 
      1. For just this first game, the girls need to be at the Crain Center at 5:00pm.
      2. For the rest of the games, the girls will need to arrive dressed and ready 30 minutes before each game.
      3. After each game, the coaches will meet with the girls before dismissing them to be celebrated by you and their fans.
      4. A 12 v 12 lacrosse game consists of two 25 minute halves with a running clock. They will play 6th-8th grade teams.
      5. For the Saturday 7 v 7 league, the games will be 2-15 min. halves with a running clock. They will play 4th & 5th grade teams.
    5. 7v7 TEAMS
      1. The 2 teams for the 7 v 7 league will be given each Thursday. The schedule of the Saturday games will be posted on the team page in the downloads (which is to the right on the team page) as soon as Coach Allen receives the schedule from the league. This Saturday is posted.  Each team will play 2 games. In between the games, the girls can stay and watch the other Hutchison team or the girls can leave with you and then come back.  They will still need to be at each game 30 minutes before it begins.  The girls will most likely want to stay at the field so it might be easier on you as parents if you let them stay.  We will be there the entire time to watch them. 
    We are excited for the games. That is where the girls will really be able to learn to play as a team and improve their lacrosse skills. They are in a great position as they will get to maximize their touches on the ball since they will typically play 3 games per week. This should help them master their stick skills and really gain an understanding for all the rules and details of the game. Most importantly, we want your girls to have fun and love the game of lacrosse. 
    For both of us, lacrosse was a sport that was fun and competitive. Lacrosse taught us teamwork, dedication, and how to translate what we learned on the field into the classroom and in life. We both would do anything to get back and play one more game in a Hutchison uniform.  So, we want to thank you parents for allowing us to come back and coach your girls. It was our coaches who had some of the greatest impacts on us during our time at Hutchison.  We truly are honored to be able to spend time coaching your girls. It is our hope that they will fall in love with the game of lacrosse just like we did in middle school, but more importantly we hope that they learn skills that they will carry with them for life.
    Go Sting!  
    Coach Wittenberg and Coach Robison
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  • Week of March 14

    Mon. March 15   3:20pm Team check in with Coach Allen in Goodlett gym. 
                               4:00pm -5:30pm   Practice on North Field
    Tues. March 16   6:30AM-7:40AM   Practice on Dobbs Field
    Thurs. March 18  6:00pm HOME Game vs Lausanne (12 v 12) on Dobbs Field 
    Sat. March 20      7v7 Games at St. Mary's Joy field (Located between Second Baptist Church and Independent Presbyterian Church - enter field at Second Baptist Church).  The March 20 game info. is to the right in the "Downloads." The coaches will let your daughter know which team she will play on this Saturday)
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  • March 20 Game information to the right in the Downloads

    After spring break, your daughter will learn which team she will play on for the March 20th 7v7 games.
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  • Tennis shoes and cleats

    Please make sure you have both cleats and tennis shoes at each practice just incase we need to move from a field into a gym.  Thank you!
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  • Week of Feb. 28

    Mon. March 1  3:30PM-5:00PM   North Field
    Tues. March 2  6:30AM -7:40AM  Dobbs Field
    Thurs. March 4  3:30PM-5:00PM  Lake Field   (You can pick up in the most north western parking lot over by the Robinson Building (Early Childhood). 
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  • Due to all the snow and now rain- White team lacrosse practice is canceled for Monday, Feb. 22

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  • Nike store now open until Monday, Feb. 22

    See this first announcement below to use the link to place your order.
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  • The Nike MS team gear store is OPEN until Feb. 19

    The Nike MS lacrosse team gear store is open NOW.  It will remain open for 7 days.   The store offers Hutchison significant discounts that are typically delivered in 4-6 weeks. Please understand that all gear is optional. All (e.g. students, parents, grandparents) are welcome to purchase.  Because it is customized, it cannot be exchanged, canceled or refunded once the order is placed. Take a look at the link for the MS Lacrosse Nike Gear Store for some Hutchison lacrosse sportswear.  The store will close Friday, Feb. 19.
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