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  • Economics and Entrepreneurship Meet for Greater Good

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    Hutchison Invests equips girls with the foundation they need to build, lead, and navigate the world of entrepreneurship successfully. Focused on creative entrepreneurship, micro and macro economics, responsible investments, and the civic role of business and finance, this program explores the impact of positive social change in the business world. Along with Hutchison Leads and Hutchison Serves, Hutchison Invests supports freshman seminars, the sophomore speaker series, and internship and fellowship programs. Hutchison partners with nonprofit and for-profit organizations to provide mentoring opportunities that teach financial literacy and business acumen.

    Hutchison Invests reflects the current trend of businesses that measure success through positive societal change as well as profitability. In this program, girls will be encouraged to build solutions with positive societal impact or to invest the results of their success for the greater good.

    Like Hutchison Leads and Hutchison Serves, Hutchison Invests will blend theory with hands-on learning opportunities and culminate with community engagement in the field.

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  • Philanthropic Literacy

    Through the Philanthropic Literacy Board, upper school girls build and manage an endowment fund in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis and then determine how to distribute grants to Memphis-area nonprofits. Participating on the board, girls learn about the formidable responsibilities that come with how and why particular projects and organizations receive funding. The student-run board solicits requests for proposals, evaluates applicants, and manages the grants once they are awarded.
  • Beeline Bazaar

    One longstanding entrepreneurial tradition at Hutchison is the annual student-run Beeline Bazaar. Each year, the junior class enlists vendors for the event, manages and negotiates contracts, markets the event, and balances the budget. Proceeds from the bazaar directly impact the community through the Hutchison Community Service Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis.

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