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  • A Thoughtful Plan of Action Based on Each Girl’s Goals and Aspirations

The college counseling team is a vital link for girls and their parents navigating through the complex and sometimes stressful college admissions process. During her freshman year, each girl is placed with a counselor to devise a four year academic plan. This Four-Year Plan is revisited by the counselor, along with girls and their parents, to ensure that each girl’s course selection and academic performance is aligned with her college plans and career goals.

The academic record a girl builds beginning in 9th grade, and how she challenges herself within the school’s curriculum, are primary factors considered by college admissions offices. To this end, the four-year partnership between students and the college counseling team is vital. The counselor who prepares a girl for her next academic transition throughout her Hutchison high school experience, will also support her college application with intimate knowledge of her academic milestones and talents.

Hutchison’s comprehensive college counseling program includes interest inventories, career shadowing, information sessions with college representatives, SAT and ACT advice, and assistance with applications, interviews, and scholarships. Through a process of self-reflection and planning, a Hutchison girl gains acceptance at a college or university compatible with her unique academic strengths, extracurricular interests, and career aspirations.

You can also learn about the successes of our most recent graduates, the class of 2017, online.


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