Giving Back

A Gift to the School That Gave So Much

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  • Sharing the Hutchison Experience

Amy Pickens ’11

“Remember what you enjoyed at Hutchison and the opportunities you had and know that you can give those opportunities to other girls.”
Regardless of the campus or decade during which you had your Hutchison experience, we all have something to share. We share fond memories of teachers that guided and inspired us and lifelong friendships that were made here. We share an appreciation for where we started, this place that taught us not only how to think and dream but also how to achieve.

Alumnae giving is a way of celebrating our experience while helping to ensure that current and future students enjoy an educational program that is extraordinary in every measure. Together, our gifts to Hutchison guarantee that Hutchison will continue to evolve as dynamic, vigorous, and supportive environment for the scholarship, leadership, and discovery of girls.

Consider making the Hutchison Annual Fund part of your giving priority. The Annual Fund supports every Hutchison girl every day of the school year.

If you’d like to play a leading role in our Annual Fund campaign, consider joining one of our Giving Societies that indicates a commitment to the growth and sustainability of the school.

More information about Giving Societies can be found here.

Alumnae Giving

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  • CLASS OF 1940

    Dottie Hall Barry
    Aggie Ming Turley
  • CLASS OF 1942

    Ann Marmon Mallouk
  • CLASS OF 1945

    Ellen Stollenwerck Fenner
  • CLASS OF 1947

    Flo Britton Campbell
    June Beasley Mann
    Marylane Stratton Johnson
    Helen Twist Thomas
  • CLASS OF 1948

    Betty Nelson Smith
  • CLASS OF 1950

    Tandy Jones Gilliland
    Carol Lewis Jones
    Margaret McKee
    Jane Pyron
  • CLASS OF 1951

    Dorothy Orgill Kirsch
    Betty Chamberlin Lyon
  • CLASS OF 1952

    Mayrene Dillard Buxton                
  • CLASS OF 1953

    Nancy Crain Balton
    Betsy Dumas Gebhardt
    Dixie Busby Power
    Meredith Gotten Pritchartt
  • CLASS OF 1954

    Betty Chalmers Peyton                                
    Carol Harton Shannon
  • CLASS OF 1955

    Peggy Walker Huffman                                
    Eva Mae Duncan Hussey                                              
    Jean Sanders Kirkpatrick                                              
    Julia Gray Manning                                         
    Mary Wallace Harton Murray                                     
    Shirley Chandler Sanders
  • CLASS OF 1956

    Harriet Cotten Moran
    Patsy Taylor                                       
    Jane Thomas Wesson    
  • CLASS OF 1957

    Kate Condon
    Anita Herron Hayes
  • CLASS OF 1958

    Jean Jones House
  • CLASS OF 1959

    Phoebe Taylor Miller
    Carol Murff Oates
  • CLASS OF 1960

    Jane Hughes Coble                                         
    Kelly Mulherin Oates                                     
    Betty Riggan Padgett                                     
    Leslie Wilsford Patton                                   
    Minje Mitchell Ramey                                   
    Lillian High Trotter            
  • CLASS OF 1961

    Senter Crook                                    
    Tina Beatty McWhorter                                
    Josephine Phillips Schaeffer
  • CLASS OF 1962

    Sammy Ann Primm Marshall
    Ginny Smith Nearn
  • CLASS OF 1963

    Jeanne Coors Arthur                                     
    Gilvia Flanagan Brown                                   
    Anne Fraser Clarke                                         
    Maryan Heckle Mercer
  • CLASS OF 1964

    Nancy Patton Langdon
    Carey Madison Moore                                  
    Snow Boyle Morgan                                      
    Carol Snowden Morris                                  
    Agnes May Short                                            
    Pamela Breland Van Doren                                         
    Sara Widdicombe
  • CLASS OF 1965

    Cay Russell Davis                                             
    Sarah Russell Haizlip                                       
    Kitty Denton Palmer                                      
    Laurie Fraser Stanton
  • CLASS OF 1966

    Martha Bowen Barnes                                  
    Frances Dornette Schafer
  • CLASS OF 1967

    Lee Willey Bowman                                       
    Loraine McKinnie Galbreath                                       
    Gaye Gillespie Henderson                                          
    Dee Turley Muller                                           
    Flo Patton Ryan                                               
    Elise Morgan Stratton                                   
    Jeanne Jacobs Sutherland                                           
    Tempe Adams Thompson                                           
    Gail Gordon Turner                                        
    Lucy Garrott Woodson                  
  • CLASS OF 1968

    Helen Cannon
    Nancy Welsh Smith
  • CLASS OF 1969

    Adele Haverty Bealer* 
    Carolyn Dabney Coors
    Lee Seabrook Duncan
    Marion McKee Humphreys
    Lexie Nelson Jones
    Cynthia Ray McDonald
    Christi Taylor Owen
    Vera Ellis Poag
    Missy West Quis
    Denise DuBois Taylor
    Frances Norfleet Thompson
    Lucie May Thompson
    Christina G. Wellford-Scott
    Lynne Patton Witherington
    Linda Schaeffer Yarman
  • CLASS OF 1970

    Olivia Sprunt Dowell                                      
    Mary Adams Wilson        
  • CLASS OF 1971

    Connie Dunavant Adams
    Gwin Bender Erb                                             
    Robin Wunderlich Williams
  • CLASS OF 1972

    Merideth Smith Arnold                                
    Jennifer Baker Atkins                                    
    Lee Stewart Bowen                                       
    Julia Anderson Cook
    Ann Hoehn                                      
    Mary Miles Loveless                                      
    Susan Costen Owens      
    Chris Robinson Sanders                              
    Laurie Saunders      
    Vicki Schroeder                                         
    Cristie Upshaw Travis
  • CLASS OF 1973

    Lucia Whittemore Crenshaw                                      
    Andrea Welsh Edwards                                
    Dorothy Dunavant Fisher                                            
    Regina Roane Hennessy                                              
    Laura Simmons Martin
    Harriet Boyle McFadden   
  • CLASS OF 1974

    Janie Adams Hopkins                                    
    Lisa Cannon Hopkins
    Laurie Hughes                                      
    Lucy King                                            
    Elizabeth McCord Marshall                                         
    Gregg Sprunt Milnor 
    Crisler Buchignani Quick                                     
    Ruthie Stewart Taylor                                   
    Lucy Wunderlich Wesson                                            
    Russell Price Whitehead
  • CLASS OF 1975

    Lesley Rainer Dillon                                        
    Jeanne Bowen Hollis                                     
    Lisa Burkhalter Mitchum                                              
    Helen McCormick Parsons                                          
    Pam Wilbourn Pierce                                     
    Beth Thomas Ploch         
  • CLASS OF 1976

    Mary Beth Foster Berry                                
    Elizabeth Murphey Blakley                                         
    Cary Coors Brown                                           
    Katy Collier Creech                                         
    Martha Wiener Horton                                 
    Emily Freeburg Kay                                        
    Myra Fort Leathers                                        
    Rebecca Balton Long                                     
    Natalie Walker Sherman                                              
    Amie Todd Sims                                               
    Lisa Patton Southard                                     
    Mimi Hall Taylor
    Lisa Earp Wilder
  • CLASS OF 1977

    Cathy Stout Adams
    Cary Jehl Broussard                                        
    Connie Boone Coleman                                               
    Carole Jennings Freeburg                                            
    Julia Pidgeon Halford                                     
    Leigh Keegan                                    
    Anne Kirkpatrick                                              
    Douglas Kirkpatrick                                         
    Peggy Latham McClure                                 
    Janet Misner                                     
    Camille Adams Mueller                                
    Paige Bailey Phillips                                        
    Missy Nichols Rainer                                      
    Barbara Crain Williamson
  • CLASS OF 1978

    Rhonda Brown                                 
    Mary Adamson Edwards
    Chris Buchignani Heaton                                              
    Veazey Gully Krausnick 
    Lee Lowry McComb                               
    Cathy Stackpole Pipe                                     
    Ashley York Porter                                         
    Irma Merrill Stratton                                      
    Murrey Malmo Watkins                                               
    Tracy Carruthers Woods                                              
    Lynn Witte Wynn
  • CLASS OF 1979

    Lawrence Bozeman Cowart
    Kelly Graham Cunningham
    Estelle Woodall Harris                                   
    Marilyn Hammons Hergenrader                                               
    Ann Camp Lee                                  
    Selden Early Popwell                                     
    Susan Stevens Smith      
  • CLASS OF 1980

    Muffet Hays Barzizza                                     
    Anne Marie Caskey                                        
    Cynthia Britton Cross                                     
    Michele Nichols Dennis                                
    Stephanie Satterfield Dickerson                                               
    Jean McClanahan Larkin                                               
    Grace Wilson Uhlhorn                                   
    Jennifer Purcell Williams
  • CLASS OF 1981

    Mary Pidgeon Coffman                                
    Camille Humphries Lee                                 
    Mary Taliaferro Sumner
  • CLASS OF 1982

    Mary Tabor Engel                                            
    Pauline Merrill Foster     
    Kirby Dobbs Floyd                               
    Rebecca Garner Howell                                
    Neely Pemberton McGrew                                        
    Beth Halliburton Robison                                             
    Susan Springfield 
    Helen France Wade                                           
    Jenne Prest Williams
  • CLASS OF 1983

    Nelle McCorkle Bordeaux                                           
    Leslie Patton Davis                                         
    Milly Joyner                                       
    Maggie Eikner Lee                                          
    Catherine Fulmer Muscari                                           
    Beth Henson Tudan        
  • CLASS OF 1984

    Allison Clark                                       
    Minta Jones Ford                                            
    Sian Hunter
    Barbara Witte Meloni                                       
    Michelle Nelson Miller                                  
    Darwin Hedges Nott                                      
    Oakleigh McKelvy Ryan
    Virginia Malmo White
  • CLASS OF 1985

    Susan McClanahan Barcroft                                        
    Kelly Shanks Burrow                                      
    Joelle Lesley Dodge                                       
    Jennifer Fuss Dunavant                                
    Deborah Bass Gibbs                                       
    Molly Morris Gooch                                       
    Catherine Barbee Kastner                                           
    Anne Orgill Keeney                                        
    Wynne Morrison                                             
    Melissa Dula Reddoch
  • CLASS OF 1986

    Midge Wilson Ellison                                      
    Misty Raiford Estes                                        
    Jennifer Kellett Giles                                     
    Elizabeth Chisholm Jordan                                          
    Kim Crain Lowrance                                       
    Elizabeth Bartlett McKinney
  • CLASS OF 1987

    Laura Geisewite Bell                                      
    Cindy Crill Brewer                                           
    Babs Chase                                        
    Paula Proctor Daniel                                      
    Lindsay Byers Farnsworth                                           
    Elizabeth Gilliland                                            
    Melissa Conrad Grimes                                
    Lauren Lewis Rower                                      
    Cindy Stimbert Sands                                    
    Sallie Adamson Sutton                                  
    Beverly Rayburn Walther                                            
    Shea Sisk Wellford           
  • CLASS OF 1988

    Whitney Grizzard Andress
    Sheri Bancroft                                  
    Kimberly Gore Battaile
    Alison Garrott Braswell                                 
    Anne McGrew Conrad                                  
    Meg Thomas Crosby                                      
    Alice Trotter Crow                                          
    Catherine Pitts Erb                                         
    Kathryn Bechtel Fox                                      
    Kimberly Willey Freeman                                            
    Elizabeth Libby Garner                                  
    Amy Phillipy Guess                                         
    Elaine Saino Gumbert
    Perre Magness                                   
    Ragan Crawford Magness                                           
    Michele Humphrey Mallory                                        
    Tait Ramey Mellone                                       
    Whitney Miller                                 
    Margaret Newton Newton                                         
    Tish Thompson O'Connor
    Ellen Peters Otto                                            
    Lane Patton Patikas                                       
    Pam Padgett Patteson                                  
    Elise Higdon Piper                                           
    Amy Ferguson Pipes                                      
    Sally Stevens Powell                                      
    Robyn McGee Raby                                       
    Joanie Robinson Renshaw                                          
    Lisa Sheahan Riddle
    Leigh Ann Pritchard Rogers                                       
    Mimi Smith                                        
    Muffy Farnsworth Turley                                            
    Caroline Walker                                               
    Katie Johnson Wilson     
  • CLASS OF 1989

    Angela Potter Campbell                                               
    Kacey Hickey Davies                                      
    Tiffany Dunn                                     
    Rebecca Fisher                                 
    Joanna Flinn Goodin                                      
    Pamela Chase Grafton                                  
    Angel Sands Gunn                                          
    Cathy Crill Herrington                                    
    Katie Morris Monaghan                                               
    Laura Jeter Mullins                                         
    Catherine Moore Nelson                                             
    Jennifer Goldsmith Rothman                                     
    Millicent Roberts Stilwell                                             
    Alison Stucker                                  
    Laura Taylor                                       
    Tracie Allen Webber                                      
    Abbie Ware Williams                      
  • CLASS OF 1990

    Stephanie Butler                                             
    Lisa Kustoff Giardino                                     
    Laurie Morrison Jackson                                              
    Corinne Ridolphi Parker                
  • CLASS OF 1991

    Emily Moore Bragorgos                                
    Jenna Samelson Browning                                          
    Caroline Johnson Crosby                                             
    Greer Blackwell Elkus 
    Jennifer Campbell Evans                                   
    Sarah Patterson French                                
    Elizabeth Gary                                  
    Lela Whittle Germann                                   
    Megan Wellford Grinder                                             
    Tiffani Hughes Gross                                     
    Molly Minor Hussey                                       
    Allison Thompson Luter                                               
    Christy Smith Muller                                      
    Stephanie Smith Parker                                               
    Sonya Brummet Pollard                                               
    Piper Sammons Rauzi                                    
    Curry Hyde Rosato                                         
    Carey Wilson Snider                                       
    Leanne Wiener Sykes                                   
    Alex Turner                                       
    Katie Eleazer Wiener                      
  • CLASS OF 1992

    Ginny Dowell Brundick                                 
    Rachel Ramey Duthie
    Meredith Koehn Fair                                    
    Allison Fones                                    
    Hardin Barton Kimmel
    Amy Rolfes Poag                                  
    Lauri Hays Prather                                          
    Carter Patton Price                                         
    Hallie Smith Richmond                                  
    Meredith Sexton Skouteris
  • CLASS OF 1993

    Michelle Warriner Bolt 
    Cristy Beasley Cass                                 
    V Shy Chapman                                               
    McLean Schaeffer Doughtie                                       
    Heath Acuff Elrod                                           
    Ashley Thompson Manning
    Burson Taylor Snyder                                        
    Amanda Mercer Thompson
  • CLASS OF 1994

    Amanda Eckels Goetze                                 
    Grace Moore Halliday                                   
    Courtney Bilbro Hardin                                 
    Katheryn Canale Horne 
    Kate Cannon Thakkar                               
    Margaret Ledbetter Weaver                                      
    Jennifer Pegg Whipple
  • CLASS OF 1995

    Katherine Wilson Blackney                                         
    Claire Hust Harrison                                       
    Katharine Duerr Kent                                    
    Lindsey Horne Renovich
  • CLASS OF 1996

    Kelly Rodney Arnold                                      
    Megan Arthur                                  
    Lindsay Keller Barton                                     
    Ginger Williams Bricken 
    Ginger Norfleet Coy                               
    Katherine Doughtie Curtis         
    Cara Baskin Grinder                                  
    Susannah Herring                                           
    Frannie Pitts Hillyer                                        
    Marti McFarland Mashburn                                        
    Marion Jones Sambade                                
    Chrissie Centko Tashie                                  
    Courtney Schuyler Vest                                               
    Brooks Irvine Winnig                                     
    Anna Burch Wunderlich                                
  • CLASS OF 1997

    Joan Schadt Biddle                                         
    Lindsey McGrew Hammond                                       
    Katie Gwin Jenkins                                         
    Brooke Bennett Lubin                                   
    Dupree Robb McDonald                                              
    Jill Whittington Stockburger                                       
    Lindsey Wilson Tayloe                                   
    Ginger McCullough Wilson           
  • CLASS OF 1998

    Jenny Brindell                                   
    Peggy Curtis Campbell                                  
    Lane Arnold Clanton                                      
    Anne Samaha Dunavant                                              
    Lauren Edmonds                                             
    Morgan Futrell Harriman                                             
    Kathy Llewellyn Lohman                                              
    Melissa Thompson Saenger
  • CLASS OF 1999

    Mollie Speer Baird
    Shea Pritchett Graeber
    Lindsay Horner Lewis
  • CLASS OF 2000

    Emily Bryce Bowie                                          
    Amanda Craft                                   
    Alison Lamore Elkington                                               
    Beth Randle Spilman
  • CLASS OF 2001

    Nena Anderson                                               
    Lisa Carey Campbell
    Bowen Hollis Cook                                       
    Stacie Northcutt Denton                                              
    Susan Emmett 
    Dottie Fisher French                                 
    Tessa Rosenberg Kotch                                
    Eleanore Kelly Maynard                                               
    Nikki Montesi                                   
    Kate Sneed Oates                                           
    Morgan Lynch Ribeiro                                   
    Naja Shabazz                                    
    Kate Russell Shelton                                      
    Robin Morehead Taylor                                               
    Libby Jones Zoghby         
  • CLASS OF 2002

    Christie Rutherford Bowman                                     
    Annie Gerber Griffin                                     
    Ashley Bryce Riney
  • CLASS OF 2003

    Curry Barton Blanton                                     
    Leslie Hill Drummond                                    
    Lauren Ploch Ellison                                       
    Jeanne Whitehead Forsyth                                        
    Katie Siegal Griffin                                          
    Susanna Liu Incitti                                           
    Anne Morrow Jones                                      
    Alexandra Adams Roll                                   
    Mary Beth Buchignani Wilson
  • CLASS OF 2004

    Lillie Flenorl                                       
    Huxley Brown Maury                                    
    Evans Wilson Nexsen                                    
    Sequoia Taylor
  • CLASS OF 2005

    Elizabeth Coleman
    Ruth Garrett                                     
    Helen Morrison Guyton                                               
    Chelsea Rose Jewell                                      
    Alison Humphreys Nenon                                           
    Molly Prewitt                                    
    Patton Ellis Weber
  • CLASS OF 2006

    Wendy Crenshaw Bolding                                           
    Elizabeth Morrow Carlisle                                            
    Robin Gerber Collins                                      
    Joy Thompson Morrow
  • CLASS OF 2007

    Kate Christenbury                                          
    Paige Phillips Gillespie                                   
    Andrea Jeter           
    Caroline Lowrance                          
    Suzanne Carter Shaw     
  • CLASS OF 2008

    Sallie Russell Powell
  • CLASS OF 2009

    Megan Marchant Dillon
    Elizabeth Kimery
  • CLASS OF 2010

    Amelia Brown                                   
    Mary Catherine Hughes                                               
    Mary Aubrey Landrum Stafford                                
    Stephanie Wharton Stephens                                   
    Meredith Taylor                                              
    Ann Thompson                                
    Maggie Donoghue Zambetti
  • CLASS OF 2011

    Jennifer Wharton
  • CLASS OF 2012

    Margaux Fox                                     
    Llewellyn Hall                                    
    Margaret Lee                                    
    Rebecca Maury                                
    Bonner Williams                                              
    Sally Wynn
  • CLASS OF 2013

    Gabriela Alvergue
    Emma Bartz
    Meg Bolton
    Caroline Carr
    Wallace Cowart
    Lockie Dearman
    Elise Freeburg
    Kimberly Gibson
    Emily Goodman
    Virginia Kay
    Sehrish Khan
    Edie Lewis
    Lauren Lea Manhein
    Maggie Maples
    Mary Sanford McClure
    Celia Meloni
    Bailey Phillips
    Mary Carson Pitts
    Lily Tashie
    Lisa Thompson
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