Why a Girls' School?

Where Girls Learn Best

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  • A Unique Learning Experience

Hutchison is a school for girls, not merely a school without boys. From current research as well as knowledge gained from educating girls for more than a century, we understand that girls learn differently than boys, and we employ teaching strategies proven to work best for the ways girls think, learn, and interact.

Leonard Sax, Why Gender Matters

“There are NO differences in what girls and boys can learn. But there are BIG differences in the best ways to teach them.”

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  • Self-Esteem and a Higher Sense of Academic Ability

    While self-esteem—the number one predictor of a girl’s future success—is at an all-time low nationally, graduates of girls’ schools report feeling more confident and more self-reliant than their peers from coed schools.

    Without the distraction of boys, a girl’s time in the classroom is spent learning. She finds her voice as she answers questions and expresses herself free from the worry about how a boy might perceive her.

    At Hutchison, our top scholars, student council presidents, and star athletes are girls. By engaging in a wealth of opportunities that allow them to excel, lead, compete, and take healthy risks, our girls learn they can become whatever it is they aspire to be.
  • Greater Success in a Coed World

    Research shows that girls’ school graduates are actually better equipped to succeed in a coed world. Many graduates report that they were empowered by their experiences in an all-girl environment and felt more confident when interacting with male peers, professors, and colleagues.

    At Hutchison, we understand that forming positive working and social relationships with boys is an important aspect of a girl’s development and provide our girls with opportunities to participate in Co-Edge, our program with adjacent Memphis University School. The Co-Edge program adds a richness to our program through classes, fine arts collaborations, leadership development initiatives, and community service efforts—all while maintaining the proven advantages of single gender education.
  • A Stunning Transformation

    During a girl’s time at Hutchison, she develops more than just her mind.. Our nurturing environment empowers her to embrace her future. Here she will learn to define who she is, accept responsibility, form her own opinions, and have compassion for the world around her. This combination of achievement, confidence, and character makes an all-girls education a powerful and transformative experience.

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To find out how you can give your daughter the all-girl advantage, please contact our admissions office at (901) 762-6672 or Additional research on the benefits of an all-girls education can be found on the NCGS website.
Hutchison is the leading private girls school in Memphis for ages 2 years old through twelfth grade.