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  • May

    Collins Cullum '29

    Understanding Memphis and Adapting to Distance Learning

    Distance learning had minimal impact on the “Memphis unit," a third grade tradition at Hutchison. Plans for a Living Museum had to be scrapped, but the girls moved forward with promotional brochures, as planned.

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  • April

    Thinking Outside the Box: EC Girls Are “Thinking Around the House”

    Early childhood teachers had to get creative to keep their young charges engaged while learning from home. Not to mention the challenge of hosting a Google Meet with twelve 2, 3, or 4-year-olds.
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  • Emmy Walton '23

    Living History – Literally!

    With more than 20 years of teaching experience, it was a no-brainer for Deborah Brown to integrate the World War I unit in her Advanced Honors Modern World History class to the current global pandemic.
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  • Huddleston pictured with students

    English Teacher Named Belz-Lipman Holocaust Award Winner

    Lauren Huddleston, an English teacher in our middle school, is the recipient of a 2020 Belz-Lipman Holocaust Educator Award from the Tennessee Holocaust Commission. This award is reserved for outstanding educators in the field of Holocaust education.
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  • Lucy Lamb ’26 makes a run for it.

    Let It Flow! Outrunning Lava and Other Lessons

    How fast do honey, cooking oil, and water flow on an elevated cookie sheet? Donna Budynas’ first distance learning lab, to test viscosity, or the measure of how liquid flows, was rather tame. But then, she kicked it up a notch! She asked her sixth grade science class to outrun lava – Indiana Jones-style. Extra credit was offered for wearing explorer gear and family involvement was encouraged.
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  • Emma & Maddie Prather, Class of 2021 and Lab Set-Up

    An Inspirational Tale About Transpiration

    A lot of things have changed, but labs go on in Mary Lee Wesberry’s AP Biology class! With Google Meet, a cell phone, nail polish, a potted plant, and a portable microscope she received at the St. Jude Science Scholars of Tomorrow, Wesberry quickly switched gears to begin the fourth quarter as planned, with the Transpiration Lab.
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  • Emma Fairey found an array of

    World Languages: The Kitchen Edition

    If your fourth grader suddenly raided the pantry for unhealthy snacks and said “Señora Chelsoi made me do it,” she was telling the truth! Fourth graders in Kenna Chelsoi’s Spanish class ended up in their kitchens to explain what they had learned in Lucy’s Wesson’s science class. The science lesson was about the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Señora Chelsoi asked girls to translate that to Spanish. Sophia Wilson was quick to come up with examples. 
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  • Caroline Campbell created a mask as part of Global Studies assignment inspired by

    Seventh Graders Stay on Track with Their Global Studies

    At the end of each online class, Nancy Smith asks each girl in her seventh grade Global Studies classes to turn on her mic so she can wave and verbally say goodbye to her classmates.
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  • March

    A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

    When Mrs. Koehn asked her sixth grade English class to write about something positive during these trying times, MaryBrooks Winchester immediately thought about the many healthcare workers who have emerged as heroes.
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  • Learning the Art of Civil Discourse

    You could say the students in John Reynolds’ debate class are serious about working out. Working out mentally, that is. Reynolds calls it “stretching their brains.” Dakota Shelton '21 calls it “mental strength.”
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  • Students Recognized for Thought-Provoking Writing

    Hutchison earned 15 Scholastic Writing Awards, including two American Voices nominations, at the recent Alliance for Young Writers’ Southeastern competition.
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  • January

    54 Scholastic Art Awards: That’s Hutchison STRONG!

    Hutchison girls won 54 Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards this year, with 19 Gold Keys, 15 Silver Keys, and 20 Honorable Mentions.
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  • Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls

    Are you concerned about the stress levels in your daughter's life? Help is on the way. Renowned author and psychologist Lisa Damour, Ph.D., is coming to Hutchison for this free parent talk open to the Mid-South community.
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