Leads, Serves, and Invests

The established Hutchison Leads, Hutchison Serves, and Hutchison Invests programs embody the school’s commitment to living lives of purpose. These foundational programs remain as key components of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship. Girls can choose from the robust programming of Leads, Serves, and Invests to pursue unique classroom and community-based opportunities to enhance their upper school experiences and even explore possible career paths.
Learn Here. Lead Anywhere.
Hutchison Leads consists of various grade-specific experiences that highlight character and leadership development and inspire girls to reflect on their own leadership talents and capacity. 
Living with Purpose
Hutchison Serves was created on the premise that a Hutchison girl is genuinely interested in connecting with her community and having a meaningful impact on others.

Doing Well and Doing Good
Hutchison Invests exposes girls to philanthropic literacy and challenges them to explore opportunities that highlight how socially conscious business decisions and ventures impact the broader community.