Food & Drink

To aid with physical distancing and to avoid crowded dining hall spaces, families will need to provide student lunches and snacks from home until further notice. Early childhood girls will be provided a snack at school.
We recognize that eating in the classroom may increase the risks for students with food allergies. To help protect the safety of all children and to decrease the possible risk of allergen exposure, we will continue to adhere to a “Do not share” policy; reinforce strict hand washing with soap and water before and after food contact; disinfect all surfaces after food contact is made; review and educate staff in food allergy prevalence, prevention, recognition, and emergency response; and require that parents who have students with life-threatening food allergies meet with the nurses before the first day of school to review Hutchison’s allergy policy and individual medically authorized school plans.
  • Lunch and snack items should be clearly marked, ready to eat (no microwave or refrigerator is available), and nut-free.
  • Utensils must be sent along with food items.
  • Other than snack and lunch, there will be no additional activities at school that include food.
  • For the foreseeable future, no birthday snacks or treats will be permitted. Each division will find an age-appropriate method to celebrate each girl’s birthday.
  • As often as possible, eating will take place outdoors in designated areas.
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