Upper School Play Cast Announcement

Thanks for the amazing auditions! Please see the Cast List posted below.
Our first rehearsal/read through will be Wednesday September 8 from 2:45-5:00 in the Lab Theatre. You will receive your scripts and information about the concept of our show. AYLI is filled with love, disguises, contests, poetry, and above all else…MUSIC! As a TEASER….Imagine early 20th century New Orleans right around the time of Prohibition….imagine opening with Mardi Gras….imagine the Forest of Arden as the Bayou…..imagine the music…everything from Opera to Speakeasy Jazz!

I’m so excited to get started and hear your ideas.
-Ms. Caskey

As You Like It 
Cast List 

Rosalind:     Lillie Hollabaugh
Celia:           Ann Grimes
Orlando:      Kendyl Brown
Oliver:         Diana Nichols
Duke Frederick:     Sara Kate Burnett
Duchess Senior:     Sara Kate Burnett
Touchstone:           Lucy Hettinger
Audrey:       Camille Mattingly
William:       Emery Brown
Silvius:        Chloe Simpson
Phebe :         Claire Klemis
Jaques:         Curren Ligon
Amiens:       Zoe Ford with Olivia McCarver, Ayrah Kashmiri and Olivia Sykes
Corin:          Faith Egedegbe
Adam:          CQ Gintz
Dennis:        Ayrah Kashmiri
Le Beau:      Zoe Ford
Charles:       Jesus Ferrer

Jaques de Boys:     Faith Egedegbe

Sir Oliver Martext:    Ayrah Kashmiri

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