Anna-Margaret Webber ’23 Signs to Play Lacrosse For Rollins College

Anna-Margaret Webber '23 became the latest member of the Hutchison lacrosse team to earn a college scholarship as she signed to play for Rollins College.
February 7 represents another big day for Hutchison lacrosse. Although the 2023 season is starting soon, this isn’t about what happens on the field. It’s about another success story coming from the squad as Anna-Margaret Webber '23 will head to the Orlando area to join the Division II Rollins College team this fall.
Webber has been a standout on and off the field at Hutchison, excelling in the classroom and gaining a reputation as an easy-going, loyal teammate. She wanted to choose a college that would help her develop both on and off the field.

“My main priority when choosing somewhere to play for was to make sure I loved the school independently of lacrosse,” Webber said. “Rollins is the perfect size and many of the players I’ve spoken to emphasized how it is the perfect balance of school life and lacrosse. I knew when I was looking to play that I wanted smaller classrooms and a tight-knit community similar to Hutchison. When I visited Rollins I knew it was the perfect fit in every way possible.”
Her head coach, David Gearhardt said, with pride: "Webber represents everything good about sports. She went from not playing much to being my strongest defender in just one season because of her hard work."
Gearhardt said that her work ethic is second to none. "She puts the time in at the gym, at the wall, during the summer and fall – basically, if there's any opportunity to improve herself as an athlete and a lacrosse player, she does it."
Webber credited Hutchison with giving her the skills to advocate for herself in big life choices like this one. “Hutchison has helped me become more confident when making my own decisions for myself and not others. I’m excited to be signing somewhere for myself and not my parents, teammates, or coaches.”
With this move, one of her teammates this year, Kolby Cohen '23, will become an opponent next year. Cohen signed with fellow Sunshine State Conference squad Florida Southern. Webber said that she is looking forward to playing against someone she cares so much about. “We are excited that we’re so close in rank and distance,” she said. “We have always been such competitive friends and push each other so much. We can’t wait to play each other!”
Her time at Hutchison provided her with a number of great memories, but she said one game really stood out. “My favorite memory was the Hutchison vs. Ensworth semifinal game in 2022,” she said. “We won the game because of the encouragement that came from all of the players but we also had the most fans we had ever had. The adrenaline and nerves that we all had in the fourth quarter were unforgettable.”
Her journey will continue to the next level, where she can create special new memories at Rollins College.

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