Katie Hussey ’16 Stresses Work Ethic and a Positive Attitude

Hutchison Now highlights recent graduates early in their careers who embody how a Hutchison education can lead anywhere you can imagine. We spoke with Katie Hussey ’16, chief of staff for Goldman Sachs’ two global leaders of Consumer and Wealth Management.
Success as a financial analyst requires a certain comfort level with numbers. What other skills are important in your field? 

Two things that only you can control are attitude and effort. I think it is important to show up every day with a positive attitude and an eagerness to get better. Communication skills are also essential as you constantly interact with clients. Lastly, critical thinking, problem-solving, and intellectual curiosity are all key contributors to finding success in the role.

Your employer, Goldman Sachs, has introduced a platform named “In the Lead,” designed exclusively for women investors to “to build upon each other’s experiences, successes, and ambitions and propel each other even further.” Do you think the financial industry recognizes the value of being inclusive of women both as employees and as clients? 

I had the privilege of working on the launch of this new platform. I think the financial industry is trending in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work needed to fully recognize the value women bring to the table. I will say it has been extremely encouraging seeing many women at Goldman Sachs serve in high-profile roles. The industry has some strong momentum right now, but it is crucial that we hold ourselves accountable and continue moving in this direction.

(One of the women in a high-profile role is Stephanie Cohen, one of two global heads of Goldman Sachs’ Consumer and Wealth Management Division, and one of Katie’s new bosses.)

Five years ago, is this what you imagined you would be doing?

I knew I wanted to do something in finance, but I didn't know exactly what that looked like. The industry is gigantic, and there are a ton of different career paths you can take. My biggest piece of advice is to connect with people in various positions and ask them about their experiences. Never underestimate the power of networking. 

How did your experiences at Hutchison help you get where you are today?  

Hutchison taught me that it is okay to speak up and share my ideas. Hutchison also gave me the confidence to take risks and go outside my comfort zone.

Katie Hussey ’16 graduated from The University of Alabama in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a double specialization in Value Investing and Economics. She spent two years as a financial analyst within Goldman Sachs’ Private Wealth Management in Atlanta, before her recent transfer to Dallas. 

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