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  • Additional Training For Aspiring Artists

    Hutchison's Certificate of Arts Program gives girls with aspirations of careers in dance, music, theatre, or visual arts an opportunity to advance their arts training to a pre-professional level and earn a Certificate of Arts that accompanies their Hutchison diplomas. This intensive training enhances the high-quality instruction taught every day and allows a student to focus on the discipline of her choice.


The Certificate of Arts Program is offered in addition to Hutchison’s general program of studies, including any arts curriculum, and Hutchison girls accepted in Certificate of Arts Program must successfully complete the arts program requirements in addition to Hutchison’s standard graduation requirements. Current Hutchison girls in the ninth or tenth grades from all educational and artistic backgrounds and levels of experience may apply. Girls new to Hutchison are eligible, and credits earned in the arts programs of other schools may be transferable, subject to the program’s specific requirements.

New applicants into the Certificate of Arts Program are evaluated and accepted on an annual basis each fall. Once an application is received, instructors interview each student to determine whether she will fully benefit from the program’s advanced course of study. New Hutchison students must submit complete transcripts of all prior academic work to provide instructors with an overall assessment of academic and artistic potential to complete the Certificate of Arts Program in conjunction with Hutchison’s academic curriculum.

Program Completion Requirements

All Certificate of Arts Program requirements must be completed within the participant’s last four years at Hutchison (9th-12th grades) in addition to Hutchison’s regular graduation requirements. Under faculty guidance, each Certificate of Arts Program participant will complete the following:

Two upper school arts course credits (one additional arts course credit in addition to Hutchison’s graduation requirement of one arts credit)
  • Twenty-five learning units in the fine arts documented during upper school experience
  • Written critiques of eight professional arts events
  • A pre-professional portfolio or audition package
  • A culminating senior project



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    Tracey Zerwig Ford 

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