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  • Gifts Making A Difference

    Hutchison’s donors are visionary and see that they can make a difference in girls’ lives by continuing the excellent work done at Hutchison and extending opportunities within the classroom and beyond. Below are stories of recent transformational gifts. If you would like to make an endowment gift, please contact Hutchison’s Development Office at (901) 761-2220.

Donor Stories

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  • Kirby Dobbs ’82 and Glenn Floyd Inspire Meaningful Service With Generous Gift

    Hutchison Serves: Connecting Learning with Serving

    Dr. Annette C. Smith welcomed Kirby Dobbs Floyd, Glenn Floyd, and their daughter, Haley, to the campus to announce their gift to fund the Hutchison Serves program.

    Kirby Dobbs Floyd and Glenn Floyd are no strangers to philanthropy, but for their recent gift to Hutchison, they found inspiration close to home: their resilient young daughter, Haley.

    “When Haley was two-and-a-half years old, she had cancer,” said Kirby Dobbs Floyd, a class of 1982 Hutchison alumna. She was recounting her young daughter’s bout with cancer at a recent convocation for middle and upper school girls. “Haley’s time at St. Jude left her with an extraordinary desire to give back to others. One day shortly after her treatment was over, she came bounding in and she said, ‘Mom, Dad, can we make cookies today?’ Then she said, ‘Wait, I have another idea! Can we take those cookies to the end of our street, sell them at the gate, give the money back to St. Jude and help other kids?’ My husband and I looked at each other and we said: ‘Let’s go bake some cookies!’” said Dobbs Floyd.

    The Floyds recently endowed a new program called Hutchison Serves. While Hutchison has a long tradition of encouraging girls to take on service in the community, Hutchison Serves will further connect classroom curriculum with real world issues. Inspired by their daughter’s example, the Floyds wanted to introduce and foster the ideas of empathy and service at a young age. The program will be made available to girls in all grade levels, from Early Childhood to Upper School.
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  • Brenda and Lester Crain Make Major Investment in Training Center

    Training Girls for Life in Mind, Body, and Spirit

    The Crain family: Kim Crain Lowrance '86, Lester Crain, Brenda Crain, Lester "Chip" Crain III, and Barbara Crain Williamson '77.

    When you visit Hutchison over the next year, you may see bulldozers, trucks, and construction workers near Dobbs Field. The sights and sounds will chart the progress of Hutchison’s newest building rising.

    When it is finished, the Crain Center will provide Hutchison girls with the proper space, equipment, and guidance for health, fitness, strength, and conditioning. Hutchison’s training center is being made possible, in large measure, by a generous gift from Brenda and Lester Crain. It has been christened the Crain Center, which seems apt for two of Hutchison’s biggest fans. Lester and Brenda have long supported the school and are members of the Norfleet Society, which recognizes Hutchison’s most stalwart philanthropists.

    Lester Crain said the inspiration to fund a training center came from his mother. “She had a gold and black “H” and claimed she had lettered in basketball. That was in the back of my mind … in addition to supporting academics, support some athletics too,” he said.

    In talks with the Head of School and others, the building grew from a small support building for the Dobbs Field, with a locker room and concessions, to a much more significant structure that would support the wellbeing of all of the girls. Plans now call for a two-story building with approximately 4,000 square feet per floor. The lower floor features home and visiting locker rooms, public restrooms, a concession stand, an athletic training room, and an area for aerobics or dance. The second floor features a training and conditioning room that is five times the size of the school’s existing facility—a space large enough to accommodate a full soccer or lacrosse team. In addition, the second floor opens to a walk-out balcony overlooking Dobbs Field.
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