Internship Provides Glimpse Into World of Local Government

With an interest in communications and public relations and a curiosity about how those roles interact with local government, Hannah Hussey '19 pursued an internship with the office of Mayor Strickland, mayor of the city of Memphis.
Hannah worked directly with the communications office, guided by Chief Communications Officer Ursula Madden and Media Affairs Manager Arlenia Cole. During her time with the mayor's office, Hannah was able to create briefings, experience the launch of the Bird scooters, attend interviews, and learn from various people about their roles in city government.

Reflecting on her time in the mayor's office, Hannah said "it was a great experience because I learned things that I can't learn in a classroom. It gave me insight into the real world and what I possibly want to do in the future. Hutchison pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and do an internship with the City of Memphis. I learned more than communications. I had to learn how to insert myself and how to talk to adults in a professional setting."

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