Teacher & Students Win Big at Foreign Language Fair

Middle and upper school girls competed in the Annual Foreign Language Fair at the University of Memphis, where they won an incredible 69 awards. Upper School Spanish teacher Rosa Carter was named Foreign Language Teacher of the Year.
Middle and upper school girls participated in the Annual Foreign Language Fair at the University of Memphis where they demonstrated their knowledge of foreign languages and cultures with more than 1,000 high school students in the Memphis area. The students competed in a variety of contests, including poetry recitation, writing, costumes, folk dance, drama, music, projects, crafts, and a culture bowl in Chinese, Latin, and Spanish. The fair is sponsored by the University's Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Altogether, our girls won 69 awards!

Hutchison Spanish teacher Rosa Carter won this year's University of Memphis Foreign Language Fair Teacher of the Year Award for her overall teaching ability and success, pedagogical innovativeness, promotion of foreign language study, professional activity relevant to foreign language study, and organization of special events or programs at Hutchison. She earned her M.A. in Romance Languages - Spanish from the University of Memphis. She has 13 years of teaching experience and is a member of the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the Southern Conference on Language Teaching, and Sigma Delta Pi.

Katy Nair, Upper School Assistant Head, said, "I have known Rosa for almost five years and have been impressed by her passion for teaching Spanish, her skill in the classroom, and her perseverance in working with our students. She challenges the brightest student by setting the bar high and expecting the student to reach it, while at the same time instilling confidence in all students through encouragement and sincere celebration of the small victories. She is known among our students as a 'tough teacher with a big heart.' Passionate, determined, humble, consistent, and intuitive, she is among the most skilled teachers with whom I have had the pleasure to work with."

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