Hutchison Girls Excel in World Languages at Local Competition

Middle and upper school girls participated in the 2019 World Language Fair at The University of Memphis where they demonstrated their knowledge of world languages and cultures along with more than 1,000 high school students in the Memphis area.
The students competed in a variety of contests including poetry recitation, writing, costumes, folk dance, drama, music, projects, crafts, and a culture bowl in Chinese, Latin, and Spanish. The fair is sponsored by the University's Department of Foreign Languages and Literature.
Altogether, our girls won 23 awards!
Chinese Award Winners
  • 1st Place: Grace Ellsworth
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Austin
Poetry Recitation
  • 1st Place: Courtney Davis
  • 1st Place: Micca Lejwa
  • 2nd Place: Gracie Strobel
  • 3rd Place: Irene Keeney
Spanish Award Winners
Spanish 1
  • Writing - Poetry – 1st Place: Sara Kate Burnett
Spanish 2
  • Writing – 1st Place: Sarah Rowland
  • Writing – 3rd Place: Hamna Tameez
  • Video – 1st Place: Kiya Brown, Nia Drayton, Lauren Hopper, Juliana Judge, Sally Martin, Libby Moak, Talia Morris, Layla Murray, Madison Neal, Audrey Still, Emma Throndson, and Kate Weakley for their video “La cucaracha”
  • Video – 3rd Place: Julia Colombo, Maxine Engel, and Sophie Mansour for their video “Criticando la comida”
Spanish 3
  • Writing – 1st Place: Shubhi Singh
  • Writing – 2nd Place: Erin Leal
  • Writing – 3rd Place: Lillie Hollabaugh
  • Vocabulary Quiz – 2nd Place: Shubhi Singh
Spanish 4
  • Writing - Poetry – 2nd Place: Katy Gilmore
  • Writing - Heritage Speaker – 1st Place: Maddie Ariste
  • Writing - Foreign Language – 1st Place: Leah Grace Wolf
  • Video – 2nd Place: Miller Bishop, Emily Fonville, Olivia Fonville, and Claire Schneider for their video “EMCO Noticias”
Spanish: All Levels
  • Posters – 2nd Place: Carmyn Harrison and Eliza Kamara
  • Art – 1st Place: Amellia Hausmann

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