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We are fortunate to have among our faculty and staff numerous thought leaders on a variety of educational topics. We’d like to share their insight and experiences with our community. Enjoy!

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  • Jennifer Stanford and Sandy Allen

    Professional Development = Strong Classrooms

    Learning is a lifelong pursuit. These teachers practice what they preach.
    What if teachers could make math more hands-on for girls, so that they truly understand numbers and shapes, instead of just memorizing formulas? What if a shy girl could be suddenly emboldened by her classmates’ positive responses to her unique “video book trailer?” What if the practice of adjusting a person’s mindset could be put to use in the classroom to open up new possibilities for students?
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  • Third graders stopped for a group photo during their tour of downtown Memphis.

    Hutchison’s Third Grade Goes Walking in Memphis

    by Hutchison Third Grade Teacher Maggie Haire
    This has been a big year for the city of Memphis. From remembering and celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 50th anniversary of his assassination to appearing in the network TV show This Is Us, our city has so much to show and tell. As much as the third grade students and teachers loved our Colonial America unit, we realized there was another unit of study that deserved attention… our city.
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  • Hutchison girls explored the National Archives in Washington, D.C., with teacher Ronnie Robinson.

    Developing Civic Literacy in the Upper School

    By Upper School History Teacher Ronnie Robinson
    A half dozen seniors stand on one side of the room, ready to disagree with the statement a junior in Global Studies is about to make that clarifies the U.S. position on chemical weapons in Syria.

    She takes a deep breath and makes her case.
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  • A Simple Dot Opens Up a World of Possibilities

    By Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Missy Prewitt & Upper School Mathematics Teacher Molly Prewitt
    What can a simple dot teach us? For Hutchison’s upper school and early childhood girls… a lot, actually.
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  • Not Your Parents' P.E. Class

    By Crain Center Fitness Specialist Heather Jordan
    I waited a few seconds as my friend stared pensively into the distance, processing my explanation to his questions about my job. When I came back into his focus, he replied, “Gosh, I wish someone had asked me that question when I was in high school.”
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  • Navigating the College Selection Process

    By College Counseling Director Lauren Colpitts
    This is a busy time of year in the Hutchison college counseling office. As we prepare and send recommendation letters, transcripts, and work with girls as the application deadlines quickly approach, it is important to reflect on the relationships we build with each girl. Because of our one-on-one college counseling, we are able to vividly describe each girl in our letters of recommendation. Yet, our work does not start a few weeks before an application deadline; it starts years before. In fact, our relationship with each girl begins during her freshman year. This is the Hutchison difference.
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  • The Team, L to R: Mary Riddle, horticulturist; Henry Hampton, facilities director; Elizabeth Austin; and Napoleon Logan and Carnell Benton, facilities staff.

    Solar Powered Girl Power

    by Hutchison Horticulturist Mary Riddle
    Have you ever been so bowled over by the brilliance of a teen that it leaves you speechless?
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Discover the Strength of a Hutchison Education

Get to know us and learn why so many Mid South families choose Hutchison.

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  • 9:1

    Student-Teacher Ratio
    Small classes provide personalized attention and engaged learning
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  • $11.9m

    Merit Aid Scholarships
    Graduates have their choice of nation’s top colleges and universities.
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  • 70+

    Athletic Teams
    Varsity program has launched college careers, multiple state championships.
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  • 21

    AP Courses
    Innovative courses include computer science, studio art design, and physics.
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  • 52

    Acres of campus
    With lake and farm, lush campus is unique learning lab for all grades. 
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  • 80%

    Advanced Degrees
    Faculty expertise further enhanced by school’s visiting scholars program.
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  • 600

    Seats in Theater
    Top notch facility has inspired careers in acting, set design, and sound.
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Hutchison is the leading private girls school in Memphis for ages 2 years old through twelfth grade.